Mari Rosendahl

Dancer-choreographer-teacher Mari Rosendahl has been a key member of Dance Theatre MD since the founding days of Dance Theatre Dansco in 1988. She trained at the Finnish National Opera Ballet School, the Eino Salmelainen School and various other institutes in Finland and abroad.

A career spanning over four decades includes performances in dozens of productions ranging from dance to theatre, opera and television, teaching in numerous institutes, and collaborations with, among others, choreographers Tero Saarinen, Tommi Kitti, Ari Numminen, Helena Franzén and Jeanne Yasko, designer Stefan Lindfors, musician Ismo Alanko, directors Kari Heiskanen, Ilari Nummi and Jotaarkka Pennanen, and the comedy group Kummeli.

Many of Mari’s works have been performed abroad to wide acclaim, especially in Germany. Mari also serves on the artistic board of directors for the Tampere Dance Current Festival.