Privacy policy

Created: 24 April 2018

Customer register

  1. Controller
    Tanssiteatteri Mobita/Danscon kannatusyhdistys ry (Dance Theatre MD),
    Hällä-näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25, 33200 Tampere. business ID :0722372-5
  1. Register contact person
    Pauliina Leppinen, tiedotus(a), phone. +358 (0) 50 551 3525
  1. Name of register
    Dance Theatre MD’s customer register
  1. Purpose of processing of personal information
    The legal basis for the processing of personal information as specified in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is the controller’s legitimate interest (customer relationship). Processing of personal information may also be based on customer’s consent or customer’s assignment given to Dance Theatre MD. The information is not used for automatic profiling.

    Personal information is processed for the following purposes:

  • Production, development and monitoring of Dance Theatre MD’s services and the provision of customer services.
  • Maintenance and development of customer relationship
  • Customer relationship communications and marketing; management of contact history.
  • Handling of and responding to customer feedback.
  • Processing of and responding to requests for refund or reimbursement; making of payments.
  • Analysis and classification of customer base in order to implement targeted communications.
  • Monitoring of electronic service channels (such as online and mobile services) for the development of statistics services, for marketing purposes and for customer convenience.The customer register is accessible by Dance Theatre MD’s pre-appointed personnel, and is maintained using a contact management application provided by Gruppo Software Oy. Dance Theatre MD is the controller and Gruppo Software Oy is the party in charge of processing of personal information. The controller also uses contractual means to ensure that the partner that processes personal information on the controller’s behalf is committed to protect the personal information when accessed by the partner’s employees.Register data stored by Dance Theatre MD is stored in systems and servers maintained by Dance Theatre MD.

    The processing of customer information related to Dance Theatre MD’s ticket sales is outsourced to Lippupiste Oy. For personal information related to ticket sales, Lippupiste Oy is the controller and the party in charge of processing of personal information. Lippupiste Oy’s privacy policy is available online at:

  1. Register data content and term of retention
    The following basic information of each customer is stored in the register:
  • Name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address
  • In case the data subject represents an organisation: Information concerning the data subject’s employer and the data subject’s position or role in the organisation.
  • Service, purchase, payment and transaction information.
  • Information provided by the customer to facilitate service personalisation and transactions.
  • Information used to analyse and classify customer records.
  • Information related to direct marketing and customer communications.
  • Information related to handling of and responding to customer feedback.

Term of retention of personal data is not defined separately.

  1. Regular sources of data
    Customer information is primarily collected directly from the customers in connection with ordering and registration, the purchase and the use of services, in customer service transactions and otherwise. Customer information is also produced in the theatre’s information systems in connection with the use of the services.
  1. Regular disclosure of data
    Dance Theatre MD doesn’t disclose the register data to third parties.
  1. Principles of protecting the register
    Personal information is protected using appropriate measures. Dance Theatre MD collects the data into databases protected using firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Databases and database backups are stored in locked and guarded facilities and are accessible only by known, pre-appointed personnel.
    Register data stored by Dance Theatre MD is stored in systems and on servers maintained by Dance Theatre.
  1. Right to review data and request corrections
    Each data subject in the register has the right to review the data on them stored in the register and the right to request correction of any data on them stored in the register. Free-form access and correction requests can be sent by e-mail to register controller mentioned above.